John Blundell
25 October 2010
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Given by John Blundell, the IEA’s Distinguished Senior Fellow, to the Mont Pelerin Society in Sydney, Australia, on 15 October 2010. Professor Sir Alan Walters was Europe’s...
Richard Wellings
13 January 2009

●  John Blundell advocates the privatisation of Britain’s forests – and explains why Adam Smith must be rolling in his grave.   ●  Eamonn Butler argues that...
John Greenwood
7 January 2009

Alan Walters was an inspiring teacher with a broad interest in a variety of economic problems. He was especially interested in applying theoretical ideas to practical problems. I first met him in...
Patrick Minford
7 January 2009

I first met Alan at LSE when I was an MSc student. I was delighted by his clear, amusing and succinct exposition of microeconomics – it was vintage Alan as I later discovered, straight to the...
Philip Booth
6 January 2009

Alan Walters was a great figure in economics. The obituaries today focus mainly on his contributions to macro-economics and as an advisor to Mrs Thatcher. I would like to make a brief comment about...