Ryan Bourne
24 February 2015

In an age of big challenges, the general election campaign seems to be throwing up a host of small ideas. The Labour Party is currently quibbling internally over how to finance a policy of cutting...
Peter Ainsworth
26 January 2015

Liam Byrne, shadow universities minister, was quoted in the New Statesman recently in relation to tuition fees, saying: ‘We've just got to ask ourselves, how much more debt are we going to...
Len Shackleton
11 May 2011

David Willetts has added to the confusion surrounding university fees with a proposal to allow higher education institutions to admit extra home (UK and EU) students if they pay ‘full’...
Amul Pandya
13 November 2010

This week’s protests over a proposed rise in university tuition fees demonstrate the long term problem of how reliance on the state creates an unjustified sense of entitlement. Although...
Mark Littlewood
8 November 2010

The decision by the coalition government to raise the cap on tuition fees to £9,000 per annum is a step in the right direction, but to be truly competitive in the global economy British higher...
Charles K. Rowley
19 October 2010

Since the end of World War II, top British universities have experienced relative decline in the international league tables. Most especially, the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford have really...
Bruno Prior
18 October 2010

The purpose of markets is to discover the clearing price at which supply and demand balance. Demand is not simply what people want, but what they choose to put their scarce resources towards in...
Andres Jonathan Drew
13 October 2010

Policy inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. Quebec, a bastion of statist corporatism with a distinctly ineffective, underachieving economic system, looks like the sick man of North...
James Stanfield
20 August 2010

It looks like it is going to be another record year for A-level students as an estimated 200,000 are expected to miss out on a university place in 2010, an increase from 150,000 in 2009. This...
John Bell
2 August 2010

A graduate tax would set a worrying precedent. The implication from Vince Cable that anything correlated with increased income should be taxed leads to absurd conclusions. What next? A tall tax? Or...
Len Shackleton
16 July 2010

One of the things which the Blair government got right was establishing the principle of student fees in higher education. It is depressing to see our hyperactive coalition government, in the person...
Peter King
13 July 2010

Like most people interested in politics I have been following the financial crisis and the manner in which politicians have tried to deal with it. I quite agree that deep cuts are needed in public...
Ralph Buckle
30 June 2010

Once again the issue of university funding has reared its head. As is often the case, the government has turned to an independent review for a solution. And as with a lot of reviews of this nature,...
Len Shackleton
10 June 2010

David Willetts is right to be talking about the need for radical change in universities. Many people in the sector seem to be wedded to the idea that nothing much needs to alter in our “world...
James Stanfield
27 April 2010

According to the Sunday Times, the Labour Party is facing a mass revolt from its own parliamentary candidates, as 200 have already signed the petition organised by the National Union of Students (...
Philip Booth
11 February 2010

The case for requiring undergraduate students to contribute to the cost of their tuition is now widely accepted. Lifetime earnings premiums of between £100,000 and £200,000 from...
James Stanfield
28 August 2009

The issue of tuition fees in higher education is again a hot topic and it is unlikely to be resolved in the near future. This is not because it is unimportant for universities. Instead, for...