Mikko Arevuo
12 May 2015
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The economic impact of higher top tax rates was one of the more contentious themes of the recent general election. The advocates of higher marginal tax rates for top earners dismissed the idea that...
Len Shackleton
12 January 2015

Despite all the furore about immigration, comparatively little is written about emigration. But what we know about emigrants from the UK can shed some useful light on the debate about Britain’s...
Ryan Bourne
17 September 2014
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With low productivity, high inflation and terrible industrial relations, in 1977, Britain was a basket case. So that year, businessman John Hoskyns decided to dedicate substantial effort to analysing...
Richard Wellings
3 September 2009

Fuel duty rose by 2p this week, the third increase in the last ten months. Governments tend to view petrol taxes as a convenient source of revenue when budget deficits are high. Indeed, the last...