Ryan Bourne
14 October 2014

‘Race relations/immigration’ is now ranked by voters as the most important issue facing Britain, according to Ipsos MORI. On 39 per cent, it’s above the economy and the NHS –...
Len Shackleton
18 September 2014

Greg Dyke, the Chairman of the Football Association, is proposing a new set of rules about the eligibility of non-EU footballers for work visas. The proposals, which would aim to reduce the...
John H. Cochrane
27 June 2014

    Hoover's Peregrine asked me to write an essay with the title, ‘What is the optimal number of immigrants to the US?’   My answer: Two billion, two million,...
Ryan Bourne
13 May 2014

Economic protectionism is back. UKIP has put immigration at the forefront of its EU election campaign, implying that competition in the jobs market from EU nationals is bad for UK interests. Labour...
Steve Davies
21 January 2014

Yesterday saw the government announce the latest in a line of restrictions on the benefits immigrants can claim. New jobless EU migrants will be denied access to Housing Benefit from April, and will...
Len Shackleton
22 September 2013

The Labour Party is planning to introduce a requirement that employers bringing in a non-EU skilled worker under the ‘Tier 2’ immigration conditions will in future have to create a high-...
Len Shackleton
27 July 2013

Matthew Hancock, the Skills minister, has been doing the media rounds asserting that British firms have ‘a duty’ to take on British workers rather than immigrants. This is rather...
Philip Booth
8 May 2013

It seems a pity that a government whose main economic problems are an inability to control government spending and low economic growth has responded to the local election results by writing a Queen...
Len Shackleton
3 September 2012

  I hold no brief for London Metropolitan University (LMU), which has been poorly managed for a long time. Nevertheless I feel that the UK Border Agency’s decision to remove its Highly...
Kristian Niemietz
20 April 2012

I have received quite a bit of feedback for my recent paper, ‘Abundance of land, shortage of housing’, and would like to respond to those comments that were both critical and thoughtful...
Mark Littlewood
13 April 2011

Unsurprisingly, the government has been struggling somewhat with how to implement its policy of imposing an immigration cap on non-EU immigrants. Fortunately, in The Challenge of Immigration, a new...
Gary S. Becker
28 June 2010

The 19th Annual IEA Hayek Memorial Lecture, given by Professor Gary Becker on 17 June 2010:
Philip Booth
28 April 2010
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The IEA is delighted that Gary Becker will be giving the Hayek Lecture on June 17th this year. Gary Becker attended Hayek’s evening seminars at the University of Chicago, thus making a nice...
Len Shackleton
23 September 2009

The papers and airwaves are full of Baroness Scotland’s difficulties over her Tongan housekeeper. I have no strong feelings about what her political fate should be, but I do think, as Oscar...