Ryan Bourne
13 May 2014

Economic protectionism is back. UKIP has put immigration at the forefront of its EU election campaign, implying that competition in the jobs market from EU nationals is bad for UK interests. Labour...
Len Shackleton
22 September 2011

The Professional Footballers Association is pressing for the implementation of the Rooney Rule in English soccer. This is nothing to do with the Manchester United superstar of that name, but is...
Len Shackleton
30 March 2010
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If clubs make a hash of things it should be no business of ministers When politicians interfere in sport it’s the mark of a Middle Eastern dictator with psychopathic sons or a Soviet bloc...
Philip Booth
26 September 2009

The UK government has told the Football Association that it does not like its performance. Apparently it is not doing enough to advance the women’s game and for youth development, amongst...