Diego Zuluaga
1 June 2016

An article from the IMF’s magazine, entitled ‘Neoliberalism: Oversold?’, has been making the rounds on social media. This is not surprising: bemoan ‘neoliberalism’ in...
Philip Booth
8 December 2015

The Good Right’s Good Press Tim Montgomerie’s “The Good Right” certainly gets a good press. Like, for example, the fair trade movement, nobody can argue that they made a hash...
Kristian Niemietz
6 November 2015

The law of diminishing marginal utility is one of the most basic concepts in economics. What it means is that the more you have of something, the less you enjoy getting more of it. Among other things...
Christopher Snowdon
16 October 2015
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Does free-market capitalism foster an environment in which death and disease flourish? That is the question asked by academics Ted Schrecker and Clare Bambra in How Politics Makes Us Sick:...
Ryan Bourne
1 September 2015

Unlike many other advocates of free markets, I quite like Channel 4 News economics editor Paul Mason. His journalistic approach, informative yet editorialised towards his own opinions, is...
Anthony Evans
5 August 2015

I've written quite a bit about ‘neoliberalism’, not least in my 2009 book The neoliberal revolution in Eastern Europe. My frustration with the critics of neoliberalism is that they so...
Christopher Snowdon
23 December 2014

In my new IEA monograph Selfishness, Greed and Capitalism, I discuss some of the most common straw men and myths about free-market capitalism. Some ideological disputes cannot be settled by evidence...
Christopher Snowdon
8 September 2014

Owen Jones’ new book, The Establishment, promises to be more than your average left-wing polemic against austerity, banksters, globalisation and ConDems. The blurb promotes it as an expos...
Kristian Niemietz
21 December 2009

I once saw a strange movie about a woman who made up a fictitious son and convinced everyone in her village that he existed. She tells anecdotes about him all the time, so vividly that in the...
Kristian Niemietz
7 October 2009

An ancient brotherhood of sorcerers. String-pullers behind the scenes. A deadly machinery, operating with clockwork efficiency. A chain of seemingly unrelated events which are intimately connected,...