Nima Sanandaji and Stefan Fölster
16 April 2014

As Britain's short term growth prospects improve, pressure for further economic reforms recedes. Over the past two years Parliament has enacted few structural reforms, and the pace is likely to...
Stephen Davies
2 April 2013
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Given recent events and the continuing travails of the world economy, widely seen as having their origins in the financial sector and the troubles of the banks in many parts of the world, it is not...
Wayne A. Leighton
28 March 2013
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In 1996, Guatemala adopted one of the most market-oriented telecom reforms in the world. The benefits to the country followed quickly as coverage expanded, competition surged, and prices plummeted...
Philip Booth
22 October 2009

Reform have today launched a report calling for the end of middle class benefits to stave off increases in tax. Before querying that proposal, let me say first that I am glad that they have waded...