Philip Booth
26 May 2015

There is no shortage of commentators who blame Mrs Thatcher’s supposed deregulation of the City for the crash of 2008. From senior politicians to the leading left-leaning blogs, many have put...
Diego Zuluaga
2 February 2015

Much has been made in EU circles of Jean-Claude Juncker’s €315 billion Investment Plan, which he announced in late November and has since been touted as his Commission’s key policy...
Kristian Niemietz
11 September 2014

In this video the IEA’s Senior Research Fellow Kristian Niemietz outlines a free-market approach to the cost of living squeeze. Building on his research in Redefining the Poverty Debate, he...
Philip Booth
8 August 2014

To me, reducing poverty matters very much. That is why I believe in a market economy. However, I am entirely uninterested in the issue of inequality. If you take the position that inequality matters...
Nima Sanandaji and Stefan Fölster
16 April 2014

As Britain's short term growth prospects improve, pressure for further economic reforms recedes. Over the past two years Parliament has enacted few structural reforms, and the pace is likely to...
Kristian Niemietz
18 March 2014
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Childcare policy used to be a very simple issue. Classical liberals, and many conservatives, used to argue that if parents with young children wanted to earn two salaries, then they should pay for...
Philip Booth
23 January 2014
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Those on the left of the political spectrum argue that many of the world’s problems are caused by big business exploiting the poor. Those who support a free economy, meanwhile, lay many of the...
Philip Booth
18 December 2013

  Mutuals and co-operatives have been promoted as the acceptable side of business by both arms of the coalition. Nick Clegg has lauded the Waitrose and John Lewis model. Advisers to David...
Kristian Niemietz
6 September 2013
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Unemployment and underemployment in the UK are still far too high. But given the circumstances, the UK’s labour market is in a far better shape than we might have expected. In much of Europe,...
Len Shackleton
1 October 2012

It is very difficult to deregulate the labour market. Here is a timely case in point – the continuing existence of the Agricultural Wages Board, which sets the new rates of pay for various...
Alberto Mingardi and Carlo Stagnaro
5 April 2012

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an important economic indicator. The more a country is perceived by foreigners as attractive, the more it is likely to be engaged in fostering entrepreneurship...
Philip Booth
13 March 2012

  The country has recently been asked to celebrate the beginning of “Fairtrade Fortnight”. Fairtrade is a private certification scheme that, according to the Fairtrade Foundation...
Ángel Martín Oro
12 December 2011
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Almost everyone expected the Socialist Party to lose the recent Spanish elections by a wide margin. Their mismanagement of the economic crisis destroyed their credibility with the Spanish people,...
Ruth Porter
19 July 2010

Liberalism, empowerment, responsibility, redistributing power so that people in their everyday lives don’t turn to officials or central government for help, but instead help themselves and...
Richard Wellings
16 November 2009

Public spending dominates the economy of the North of England. In the North-East region, for example, it accounts for close to 70% of GDP. Many northern cities seemed to prosper in recent years. The...
Mark Littlewood
28 October 2009

With youth unemployment rising to 1 million, the government – or more realistically the Tories – need a radical rethink of the how the British labour market works. Or more to the point,...