Alberto Mingardi
11 April 2011

Before Intel was fined €1.06 billion in 2009, Microsoft had long held the dubious honour of being the corporation subject to the highest antitrust fine by the European Commission. In March...
Philip Booth
8 April 2011
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This is the first of two blog posts that summarise some of the discussion that took place at an IEA seminar on EU competition policy with particular reference to Intel. The next post will deal with...
Richard A. Epstein
14 May 2009

In my recent article on monopolization cases under Article 82 of the European Union treaty, I criticized Neelie Kroes and the European Commission for the aggressive application of competition law in...
Martin Ricketts
17 November 2008

The newspapers have been full of reports recently about the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer summoning senior bankers and ‘ordering’ them to reduce the interest rates charged on...
John Spiers
15 October 2008

How radical will the new Lord Mandelson be in seeking to reinvigorate the ‘New Labour’ brand? With the regulatory levers in his fresh hands he has a key opportunity to free the...
Richard A. Epstein
1 September 2008

Competition law (which travels under the name antitrust in the United States) rests on the proposition that the most efficient allocation of goods and services takes place within the framework of a...