Diego Zuluaga Laguna
7 May 2015

In the ongoing negotiations for a free trade pact between the EU and the US, the question of investment protection, and in particular the infamous investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clause,...
Diego Zuluaga Laguna
13 March 2015
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A report from the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee released today called for stricter environmental protections to be included in the free-trade deal currently being negotiated by the...
Tom Miers
27 September 2013
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  The IEA has often pointed to the unhealthy symbiosis that has grown up in recent years between government and NGOs. These ‘non-governmental organisations’ – usually called...
Mike Norton-Griffiths
11 November 2009

My research in Kenya provides disturbing evidence of how foreign NGOs (non-governmental organisations) leverage their financial strength and access to the establishment to insert their single issue...