Philip Booth
13 November 2013

In a recent poll, there was strong support for the renationalisation of both the railways and the energy industry. In both cases, renationalisation would be a strange step back into the dark ages of...
Philip Booth
28 October 2013

The British energy industry has gone from nationalisation to privatisation and back to government control in the space of 25 years. Although the energy industry is nominally in private hands, we...
Carlo Stagnaro
25 May 2012

The UK was the first European country to liberalise its electricity market. Will Britain now be the first European country to roll back the market and effectively renationalise the sector?...
Kristian Niemietz
14 January 2010

In my school days, the use of articles in front of nouns like “school”, “church”, “hospital” etc in the English language was among the issues that constantly...
Philip Booth
12 November 2009

The government has just announced that nursing will become an all-graduate profession from 2013. I don’t want to go down the route of discussing whether degrees are appropriate for nurses, an...
Steve Davies
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Sixty years ago, Sir Antony Fisher founded the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), realising an idea given to him by the economist Friedrich Hayek seven years earlier. The IEA is one of the oldest...