Tom Miers
6 August 2013
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  The European Union’s Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) has been hounded by misfortune from the outset. Mooted as a way of making the bankers pay back some of the bailout money they...
Tim Worstall
21 November 2011

Bill Gates has announced that he backs the Robin Hood Tax - a financial transactions tax - to raise money to spend in the Third World. Indeed, he told the G-20 this, in a great big report. The...
Philip Booth
18 November 2011

  Newsnight this week had, for them, a reasonably balanced piece on the proposed EU transactions tax on Wednesday evening. There were some people in favour and some against before an...
Philip Booth
1 November 2011
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In the midst of a eurozone sovereign debt crisis - caused largely by government profligacy - it is not surprising, but it is regrettable, that the German Finance Minister should call for more...
Philip Booth
11 October 2011

  Over the last few weeks, most economists have been trying to work out how we can deal with the crisis in the eurozone. Will the banks go bust if there is a sovereign default?...
Holger Zemanek
3 October 2011
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Last week the European Commission presented its proposal for a financial transaction tax (FTT) for the EU27. The new tax is supposed to be on all kinds of financial transactions in regulated and...
Richard Wellings
28 March 2010
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●  Philip Booth suggests it is not “morally bankrupt” to oppose a “Robin Hood” tax ●  Patrick Basham criticises the Department of Health’s new tobacco...
Philip Booth
19 November 2009

I welcome Vince Cable’s repudiation of the Tobin tax but, instead, he has proposed a tax on bank profits to help provide a sort of insurance premium to pay for the losses banks impose on...