Len Shackleton
24 April 2014

Two interesting equal pay issues have come to light recently. In one, concluded yesterday, a group of male manual workers originally employed by Swansea Metropolitan University, which merged with the...
Carlo Stagnaro
13 January 2014
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‘Economic policy always has more than one goal, and each independent policy goal requires an independent policy instrument’, correctly state well-known environmental economists (and...
Graeme Leach
17 July 2013

A key part of EU policy over the last 20 years or so has been the completion of what is described as an ‘internal market’. This involves not just the removal of explicit trade barriers...
Razeen Sally
24 June 2013

The US, EU and China are the Big Three in the world. Since the global financial crisis, the conventional wisdom is that the US and EU are in decline, while China races ahead. I would turn this...
Eduardo Belgrano
17 September 2012

  We are so accustomed to our present currency system that it is difficult to imagine a system of more than one currency circulating side by side. However such a monetary system has existed...
Carlo Stagnaro
25 May 2012

The UK was the first European country to liberalise its electricity market. Will Britain now be the first European country to roll back the market and effectively renationalise the sector?...
Philip Booth
18 May 2012
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Working out who exactly owes what to whom in the eurozone is an increasingly difficult job. Money is pouring out of Greece and now, it would appear, Spain at a rapid rate. €700m apparently...
Alberto Mingardi
19 December 2011
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Unfortunately prime minister Mario Monti appears not to have read the insightful comment by Philip Booth, who suggested that ‘a radical programme of economic reform in Italy and elsewhere...
Philip Booth
28 November 2011
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Last week, the IEA held a discussion on the EU. There were some prominent euro enthusiasts there, together with a large number of sceptics. I was somewhat surprised by the enthusiasm of the free-...
Philip Booth
18 November 2011

  Newsnight this week had, for them, a reasonably balanced piece on the proposed EU transactions tax on Wednesday evening. There were some people in favour and some against before an...
Philip Booth
1 November 2011
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In the midst of a eurozone sovereign debt crisis - caused largely by government profligacy - it is not surprising, but it is regrettable, that the German Finance Minister should call for more...
Richard Wellings
14 October 2010

There are over 1,000 quangos in the UK. Today’s news that 192 of them are to be abolished appears to be concrete evidence that the coalition is taking radical action to reduce the role of...
Philip Booth
9 August 2010

In their election document, the country’s Catholic bishops – who are not known for their support of free market economics – pointed out: “A society that is held together just...
Kate Antrobus
21 July 2010

The case for abolishing agricultural subsidies on the grounds that they are unjust and hugely damaging to developing countries is well documented. One can also make the case in environmental terms,...
Richard Teather
23 June 2010

Over the next year or so the question of which countries best survived the bust is likely to be a major source of argument. Supporters of high taxes are already pointing to predictions...
David Howden
26 April 2010

Talks over what should happen about the Greek debt situation were recently delayed by the impromptu eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. In the meantime, analysts and...
Kristian Niemietz
5 March 2010

In the 1960s, thousands of industrious Greek gastarbeiter came to work in West Germany. Immigration from Greece has been a success story of rapid integration and mutual economic benefit. With little...
Richard Wellings
27 February 2010

" ●  Philip Booth criticises bishops for supporting counterproductive welfare policies ●  David Henderson argues Climategate is just the tip of the iceberg ●  Oliver Marc...
Kristian Niemietz
8 February 2010

“Today we invite you to come with us on a special journey; to open your eyes and look at poverty. Open your ears and listen to the voices of poor people! Open your heart and meet people! Open...
D. R. Myddelton
14 August 2009

The latest news from Europe on the progress of the recession is both good and bad. The good news is that in France and Germany the recession is over. The French and German economies both grew by 0.3...

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