Benjamin Powell
21 July 2016
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The rapid economic growth of East Asian economies after World War II led many to mistakenly believe that government industrial planning policies were the key to their success. Nothing could be...
Mark Littlewood
19 July 2016

This wasn’t a lazy half-hearted reshuffle, Theresa May was imposing her own stamp on government. Rather than going for continuity, she was ruthless in personnel changes. Initially, it started...
Philip Booth
5 January 2016

Whether you are a green activist or a poverty campaigner, energy policy under the Thatcher-Major-Blair governments was a striking success. Between 1990 and 1999, prices for domestic consumers fell by...
Aamer Bhatti
12 August 2010

Today David Cameron has spoken of his ambition for the UK to break into the top five tourist destinations in the world, from its current sixth position. This apparently entails moving away from the...
Sam Collins
29 March 2010

One part of Alastair Darling’s Budget that appears to have received little attention from the media is his plan for a “Credit Adjudication Service“. This new body, it appears, will...
Philip Booth
26 March 2010

Anthony Hilton was certainly right to call my comment about the government’s proposed green investment bank “waspish” in the Evening Standard yesterday. He also suggested that it...
Richard Wellings
1 December 2009

Faced with ambitious climate change targets, the government has decided that nuclear power will play a leading role in supplying the UK’s future electricity needs. Ten new plants will be built...