Kristian Niemietz
1 February 2016

The Housing and Planning Bill, which will speed up the sale of social housing, has come under fire from various quarters. The Local Government Association described it as a shift in public spending...
Peter King
4 August 2010

David Cameron has stated that his government will consider ending security of tenure for social-housing tenants. Those tenants who were in employment would be “encouraged” to rent...
Peter King
24 February 2010

Classical liberals, and many Conservatives, will tend to take a dim view of government intervention, but should they be equally dismissive of all government action? Take a couple of examples from...
Peter King
17 December 2009
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It is now almost exactly 30 years since one of Mrs Thatcher’s iconic social policies was launched. On 20 December 1979 the Conservative government published a Housing Bill which included the...