Ryan Bourne
18 November 2014

‘The rich keep getting richer’. If you’ve been watching Channel 4 over recent weeks, you will likely have been subjected to unsubstantiated claims such as this. Viewers of last week...
Christopher Snowdon
21 March 2014

On Sunday, the Observer reported that ‘Inequality costs Britain £39bn a year’. This is based on the belief that ‘a more equal UK would experience less crime and imprisonment,...
Philip Booth
2 September 2013

  Earlier this month, the OECD published some research on all-round education excellence. Specifically, this is the proportion of people who excel in all three of reading, maths and science. The...
Darshan Zala
27 July 2013

Many have expressed the opinion that the very simple correlations shown in The Spirit Level alone can never show meaningful causality – this is correct. However, people can always claim the...
Kristian Niemietz
31 October 2011

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) has earned itself a reputation as the sworn enemy of economic growth and consumption. In blending neo-Malthusian resource alarmism with relentless nagging about...
Kristian Niemietz
15 March 2011

One of our recent guest speakers criticised the IEA for misrepresenting the message of the influential book The Spirit Level. He referred to an IEA invite which read: ‘many amongst the left...
Chris Snowdon
2 February 2011

In the preface to their best-selling book The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett compare what they call their ‘discovery’ that ‘more equal societies almost always do...
Kristian Niemietz
30 November 2010

There are lies, damned lies, and, the saying goes, statistics. And then there are statistical claims made by Polly Toynbee. Toynbee embraces the government’s plan to publish figures on the...
Kristian Niemietz
7 October 2010
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Imagine the IEA issued a publication asserting that material hardship was no longer an issue in the developed world. The least well-off were enjoying such high levels of material comfort that we...
Christopher Snowdon
27 September 2010

He didn’t mention the book by name. He didn’t need to. When Ed Miliband used his first speech as Labour leader to declare that “the gap between rich and poor doesn’t just...
Kristian Niemietz
2 September 2010

Anti-consumerism as a gut-feeling has been around for ages . But the attempt to rationalise the sentiment in economic terms is a product of our times – and a successful one at that. With...
Kristian Niemietz
17 August 2010

If you haven’t read a book that made you laugh out loud on the bus or the Tube in a while, try Christopher Snowdon’s superb release, The Spirit Level Delusion (SLD). But the book...
Kristian Niemietz
21 May 2010

Once upon a time, an old Nordic legend tells, there lived a princess in Burgundy who owned a huge treasure of gold. One night the treacherous Hagen von Tronje, an advisor to the king, broke into the...
Philip Booth
28 December 2009

Yesterday I appeared on the Radio 4 Sunday Programme. The programme is available online on the BBC iplayer at until 2 January. It...

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