Lawrence W. Reed
10 June 2016

In his book, ‘Biblical Economics’, theologian R. C. Sproul Jr. notes that Jesus "wants the poor to be helped" but not at gunpoint, which is essentially what government force is...
Lawrence W. Reed
8 June 2016
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On June 16, 1992, London's Daily Telegraph reported this astonishingly bold remark by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev: "Jesus was the first socialist, the first to seek a better life...
Robert P. Murphy
23 May 2016

Several anticapitalist slogans riff on the contrast between people and profit, and nobody thinks John Lennon’s song “Power to the People” is a plea for unbridled laissez-faire. Even...
Sarah Skwire
11 April 2016

In the 1920s, the average housewife spent about 11.5 hours per week on laundry and ironing. By 1965, that had dropped to just under 7 hours. In 2014, that average housewife (and her spouse...
Corey Iacono
29 March 2016
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Over the summer of 2015, senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that he had “serious problems” with ridesharing company Uber because it was “unregulated.”...
Corey Iacono
26 February 2016

Bernie Sanders has single-handedly brought the term “democratic socialism” into the contemporary American political lexicon and shaken millions of Millennials out of their apathy towards...
John Blundell
15 January 2010

Six weeks before he died in late April 1946, Keynes was visited by Hayek, who told me the conversation went something like this: HAYEK: What if you are wrong? KEYNES: Don’t worry. If I...