Kristian Niemietz
31 March 2014
1 comment

In health policy, a good rule of thumb for distinguishing nonsense from arguments that deserve a hearing is to ask oneself whether one would accept the same logic in other sectors. This formula...
Stephen Littlechild
20 March 2014

Ofgem, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will shortly issue an assessment of how well competition in the markets for gas and electricity is serving the...
Kristian Niemietz
19 February 2014
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In a new book entitled Pensions: Policies, New Reforms and Current Challenges, there is a chapter by two authors who readers of this blog may be familiar with, which makes the case for a restoration...
Philip Booth
17 January 2014

Today Ed Miliband made a speech on policy in UK banking. There is much wrong with that market and important reforms should involve ensuring that the providers of capital to banks always...
Stephen Littlechild
29 October 2013
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Energy prices keep rising. Prime Ministers and energy ministers, past and present, all propose their own solutions, although there is little agreement on the cause of the problem. The latest proposal...
Stephen Littlechild
21 February 2013
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The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee poses the following question: Will the government’s proposals to ensure that consumers are on the cheapest tariff have any impact on fuel...
Stephen Michael MacLean
6 February 2012

Who among us hasn’t wiled away a lazy hour with travel fantasies, courtesy of Google Maps? Not the French, apparently, who seem to have little appreciation for Google Maps’ indulgence...
James Croft
6 December 2011

Evaluating the system-wide impact of choice and competition on educational outcomes is a difficult task. Last summer Rebecca Allen, in a paper for Research in Public Policy, offered a useful...
James Stanfield
28 September 2010

After travelling the country visiting schools and talking to head teachers, school children, parents and education experts, John Humphrys has concluded that parental choice “is simply not...
D. R. Myddelton
22 September 2010

In his speech this afternoon to the Liberal Democrats’ conference, the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, will assert: “ Capitalism kills competition ”. 
Holger Zemanek
23 August 2010
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According to media reports, the European Commission is planning to introduce taxes on commodities as part of the new EU 2020 strategy, the successor of the failed Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs...
James Stanfield
26 January 2010

In the Guardian recently, Michael Arthur and Wendy Piatt, representing the Russell Group of the 20 leading British research-intensive universities, made the following plea: “Our politicians...
Tom Papworth
22 January 2010

Simon Cowell has announced that he will produce a cover version of Everybody Hurts by REM to raise money for the suffering in Haiti. Good for him! It may be a bit saccharine, and I’m not sure...

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