Kristian Niemietz
21 June 2016
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In neoclassical textbook economics, consumer preferences are ‘given’. People come to the market with a fixed set of preferences, expressible as a utility function, and satisfying those...
Len Shackleton
9 February 2016

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills launched an enquiry into self-employment last July under entrepreneur Julie Deane: it is expected to report shortly. Self-employment jobs have grown...
Johan Norberg and Henrik Jönsson
11 August 2015

Is Capitalism a force for good in the world? At the IEA's THINK conference on 11 July 2015, Johan Norberg and Henrik Jönsson teamed up to explain how capitalism has so far succeeded in...
Philip Booth
29 January 2015

In recent months the global elite, including the Catholic head of the Bank of England Mark Carney, have joined Pope Francis in expressing concern about inequality. The issue was also discussed at...
Ryan Bourne
4 November 2014

‘Never let a serious crisis go to waste’, concluded Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s ex-chief of staff. For our political commentators, a more accurate phrase might be ‘never let...
Mikko Arevuo
14 August 2014

Randall Holcombe’s new textbook, Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics, is an important addition to the general Austrian economics literature. The book gives an erudite...
James Croft
11 March 2014

For entrepreneurs to succeed, they need space to innovate that is sufficiently free of regulatory constraints, buyers who are receptive to their breakthroughs and uninhibited in their procurement...
Michael Klein
17 August 2012

Although once intended to improve market efficiency and the free flow of goods within the Single European Market, harmonisation has become not only the European Commission’s prime weapon for...
Emmanuel Martin
13 June 2012

More than a year ago, observers pointed at political authoritarianism in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt as the cause of their popular revolts. For sure, lack of democratic choice, especially...
Philip Booth
14 October 2011

Earlier this week, two bits of bleak news were announced. The first was the huge rise in unemployment. The second – apparently technical and mundane – was the release of detailed...
Peter Urwin
13 October 2011
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The continued stagnation of the UK economy has led to calls for a less harsh programme of public spending cuts. This line of reasoning is flawed, as any gains from a loosening of the purse strings...
Mark Littlewood
15 February 2011

Going for growth is the key challenge for the Coalition. In fact, pretty much all their eggs are in the growth basket. If GDP does not show a marked and impressive upward swing over the coming...
Ruth Porter
5 January 2011

Today the Prime Minister announced a New Enterprise Allowance to give grants, loans and mentoring to unemployed people trying to start up new businesses. While the focus on the problems facing...
Oliver Knipping
4 January 2011

Every year the same thing happens... We all look forward to the upcoming festive season with our families, or even to a well-deserved Christmas break. The festive mood may evaporate rather quickly,...
Steven Kates
21 December 2010

The Social Network is a wonderfully entertaining film. It may also be – and if it is, it will only have been by accident – the most pro-market film ever produced. The film tells the...
Philip Booth
23 September 2010

In recent years “profit” has become something of a dirty word and corporations have been encouraged to seek wider social goals following an agenda of so-called “social...
Keith Boyfield
7 August 2010
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Azerbaijan lies in a pivotal strategic position, straddling the Caspian Sea and rich in oil and gas reserves. This is the country which helped make Gulbenkian and the Nobel brothers rich. Today,...
Andre Johnston Phijuntjitr
6 July 2010

It has become increasingly clear that interventionism played a significant role in precipitating the 2008 financial crisis. The Austrian School is more than capable of providing the...
Ali Salman
28 January 2010
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Like other developing countries, Pakistan is deploying microfinance as a way of lifting people out of poverty. The basic assumption is that poor people lack access to affordable capital and once...