Ryan Bourne
14 January 2015

Last week, dreadful headlines and stories on A&E waiting times dominated the front pages of almost every national newspaper. If not for the sickening events in Paris the following day, the NHS...
Kristian Niemietz
8 January 2015

In the early 2000s, long waiting times at Accident and Emergency departments were commonplace. About one in five patients was stuck in the waiting room for longer than four hours before being seen....
Kristian Niemietz
5 April 2013
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Critics of the NHS often find it frustrating how emotional many otherwise completely reasonable people become when it comes to the health service. True, healthcare is always and everywhere an...
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
29 March 2012

  In the debate over proposed market reforms in the NHS, opinions are plentiful but few commentators back up their opinions with evidence.  So, what does the evidence say? It is...
Nick Hayns
22 February 2011

Last night’s really rather depressing Dispatches programme, on Channel 4, ended with a rousing signal to arms, a clarion call from journalist Mark Sparrow for there to be “a patients...
Philip Booth
17 December 2010

The Government is pressing ahead with another reorganisation of the National Health Service. It is unlikely this reordering of our essentially bureaucrat-driven model will set the world alight....
Richard Wellings
10 February 2010

The pioneers of Britain’s welfare state may have had good intentions. By founding the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948, they hoped to improve access to treatment for the poor. But, more...