Peter Ainsworth
11 June 2015

The current system of financing higher education is stuck in a rut. It does not work particularly well for anybody: A lot of students end up saddled with debt; large amounts of debt have to be...
Ryan Bourne
24 February 2015

In an age of big challenges, the general election campaign seems to be throwing up a host of small ideas. The Labour Party is currently quibbling internally over how to finance a policy of cutting...
Peter Ainsworth
23 October 2014

As the father of four children who graduated in the last few years, I understood and sympathised with their concern about tuition fee debts and the difficulties of finding a rewarding occupation....
Kristian Niemietz
26 March 2014

Whether one agrees with the policy or not, one should think that a trebling of tuition fees cannot but result in a bonanza for universities, and huge savings for the Treasury. Yet according to recent...
Len Shackleton
29 March 2011
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The Times has revealed that 75% of universities are intending to charge at least £8000 when new undergraduate fees come into operation from next year, rather more than the coalition...
Ralph Buckle
30 June 2010

Once again the issue of university funding has reared its head. As is often the case, the government has turned to an independent review for a solution. And as with a lot of reviews of this nature,...
Philip Booth
11 February 2010

The case for requiring undergraduate students to contribute to the cost of their tuition is now widely accepted. Lifetime earnings premiums of between £100,000 and £200,000 from...