John Blundell
20 December 2013

Students who cheat are more likely to want public sector careers. That is the core finding of Rema Hanna of Harvard’s Kennedy School and Shing-Yi Wang of Penn’s Wharton School in a recent...
Len Shackleton
7 March 2013
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  As we move towards the budget we will be hearing more and more warnings about the impact of further cuts in public sector employment. One line, pursued repeatedly by the TUC and the...
Mark Pennington
8 July 2011

Last week saw large scale strike action from public sector workers here in the UK, campaigning against changes to pension arrangements and more generally ‘cuts’ to government spending....
Mark Littlewood
1 July 2011

The strikes and protests witnessed in Britain's cities this week may well signal the start of a phase of industrial disputes, as public sector employees fight to retain the rather substantial...
Len Shackleton
19 November 2010

A big fanfare this week for the employment and unemployment data from the Office of National Statistics. Overall unemployment fell slightly – good news – but the headlines...
Mark Littlewood
21 October 2010

The Comprehensive Spending Review deserves a cheer and a half, but not much more than that. The Coalition has developed a welcome single mindedness in getting the public finances under control, but...
Tim Congdon
26 May 2010

In the 15 years to 2007, the British economy had on average faster growth (by about 0.5% to 0.75% a year) than its large European neighbours. A similarly benign context of rising trend output and...
Philip Booth
16 February 2010

I have written before that co-ops and similar ventures are part of the rich tapestry of a market economy. After all, before the days of statutory regulation, the Stock Exchange was a mutual –...