Diego Zuluaga
25 November 2015
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The European Commission has released its plan for an EU-wide deposit insurance scheme that will, at first, back up and complement existing national deposit guarantee schemes (DGS), and, from 2024,...
David S. D'Amato
9 March 2015

Earlier this month American Banker’s Mayra Rodríguez Valladares reported on what she regarded as “a bleak winter for financial reformers in the United States.” Hopeful for...
Richard Wellings
6 February 2013

The British government is right to be examining ways of shielding taxpayers from the costs of bank failure. However, proposals to ring-fence the retail operations of banks, and indeed to give the...
Juan Ramón Rallo
12 June 2012

Although the Spanish government refuses to tell the truth to the citizenry, both the government and the banks have clearly been bailed out by the Eurogroup. Spain’s financial entities,...
Philip Booth
7 June 2012

There is some sense in the EU’s new plans to change the way in which banks are regulated. In particular, there are two major problems with the current system of regulation in the EU. Firstly...
Richard Wellings
19 January 2012
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Capitalism has a problem. Increasingly it is viewed as a deeply unfair system favouring a small, privileged elite at the expense of everyone else. Our politicians have been quick to join the...
Philip Booth
26 October 2011

Since fox-hunting became illegal, banker bashing has become a new blood sport. Not only is the typical banker portrayed as being greedy, much of what he produces is said to be ‘socially...
Kristian Niemietz
18 October 2011

Successful political movements emerge when people with diverging aims can be persuaded that they are really on the same side, that their aims are just different aspects of the same broader cause....
Philip Booth
23 November 2010
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Europe is trapped in a cycle where debt is being passed round and round in circles – the banks are bust so the Irish government bails them out; the Irish government’s debt is owned by...
Kevin Dowd
18 October 2010

One of the most important issues in the ongoing economic controversy is whether the crisis is due to a “failure of capitalism”. What both sides of this argument often overlook, however,...
Tom Papworth
8 December 2009

Countries trade on their reputations. It is not just the number of eager, materialistic consumers that causes businesses to invest in one country as opposed to another. The hospitality of the host...
Philip Booth
19 November 2009

I welcome Vince Cable’s repudiation of the Tobin tax but, instead, he has proposed a tax on bank profits to help provide a sort of insurance premium to pay for the losses banks impose on...
Richard Wellings
16 June 2009

●  Philip Booth argues there is no real concept of a market in the British education system   ●  Gary Becker on Obama’s fatal conceit   ●  Samuel Brittan reviews...
James Alexander
5 June 2009

The threat of “systemic failure” has been used to justify recent government interventions in the financial sector. Essentially it is a “market-failure” type of argument...
authors of Verdict on the Crash
12 May 2009

In a statement published today in the Daily Telegraph and reproduced below, fourteen leading economists – authors of the comprehensive new IEA study, Verdict on the Crash - explain...
Philip Booth
30 April 2009

In the Financial Times earlier this week, Peter Mandelson wrote:   Sir, I was surprised by the unreconstructed tone of your editorial (”The umpire should not choose sides“, April 21...
Richard Wellings
25 April 2009

●  Don Boudreaux explains what “Earth Day” means to him   ●  Keith Boyfield explores the issue of bank governance   ●  Allister Heath is dismayed by...
J. R. Shackleton
3 March 2009

There is at the moment a hugely irrational anti-banker mood in this country. Every day I see angry letters in the papers and angry blogs calling for all sorts of dire penalties for bankers and...
Richard Wellings
12 February 2009

●  Philip Booth discusses the growing debt burden in the Yorkshire Post   ●  Eamonn Butler explains why political interference is creating a new banking crisis   ● ...
Terry Arthur
30 January 2009

Adam Smith’s ‘agency problem’, the separation of ownership from control, enables big-business executives and directors to pursue their own agenda. All too often this results in an...