Steven Kates
17 November 2014

In my view, Say’s Law may be the single most important principle in economics. But it is a principle that was deliberately eliminated from within mainstream economic theory by John Maynard...
Steven Kates
8 October 2014

The text of the first edition of Free Market Economics: An Introduction for the General Reader was written in a kind of white heat over twelve weeks during the first months of the worldwide...
Steven Kates
28 April 2011

Only someone with professional training in economics has ever heard of the economic principle now known as Say’s Law of Markets. Indeed it was Keynes’s explicit aim in writing his...
Steven Kates
21 September 2010

My life, of late, has been submerged under the burden of finishing off a book which I am happy to say has now, finally, been sent off to the publisher. It is, moreover, being co-published by the IEA...
Steven Kates
8 March 2010

I am now on a 40,000 kilometre round trip to present a paper that will last but a single hour. The nature of this trip can be understood in the context of the invitation I received: “On behalf...

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