Ryan Bourne
25 March 2014

‘If people are given responsibility, they behave responsibly. So if we give people more political power, I believe that will create a country with a greater sense of social responsibility....
Kristian Niemietz
11 July 2011

Several authors of this blog have welcomed the idea of the ‘Big Society’, as long as it stands for an orderly retreat of the state from some social functions to make way for autonomous...
Philip Booth
5 April 2011
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Today, Nick Clegg decided to declare war on nepotism. He wants to 'stop a lot of the informal advantages which are helping certain people to hoard opportunities at the exclusion of others...
Ruth Porter
17 March 2011

During the Big Society discussions, the sight of some Conservatives running scared from the idea that the best way of responding to problems is a messy patchwork of responses has been deeply...
Kristian Niemietz
10 February 2011

The government’s catchphrase ‘Big Society’ has often been criticised for its vagueness. Critics claim that the phrase means everything and nothing, an attempt to conceal the...
Philip Booth
27 January 2011
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The Government reportedly feels that its Big Society programme has stalled. It is not surprising. The coalition’s idea of the Big Society often seems to involve no more than getting a few...
Mark Littlewood
25 November 2010

If you think there really is a big idea behind the Big Society, then you agree with the unlikely pairing of Jon Cruddas (Lab, Dagenham) and Jesse Norman (Con, Hereford). The latter’s new book...
Terry Arthur
3 November 2010

Simon Heffer is one of the ever-dwindling number of journalists who really understand the difference between Corporatism (sometimes called State Capitalism) and genuine free markets. In The...
Mark Littlewood
28 October 2010

Much of the analysis of the Comprehensive Spending Review focused on the big picture and the multi-billion pound savings the coalition hopes to make in a wide range of areas – most obviously...
Philip Booth
7 October 2010

The UK does not have particularly high economic inactivity rates. Large numbers of women tend to work and worklessness amongst those approaching state retirement age is not as high in the UK as in...
Richard Wellings
6 October 2010

David Cameron’s conference speech has arguably provided observers with important insights into the ideologies helping to drive coalition policy. Worryingly, there were strong elements of...
Ruth Porter
18 August 2010

Sombre sound bites about the scale of the deficit, the need for deep cuts and the opportunity to use this as a time for comprehensive reform deliver huge promise, but the last hundred days provide...
Kristian Niemietz
6 August 2010

It may seem like a fox writing a publication on geese-keeping. And yet, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) has joined the debate on the ‘Big Society’. The core message of Ten big...
Ruth Porter
19 July 2010

Liberalism, empowerment, responsibility, redistributing power so that people in their everyday lives don’t turn to officials or central government for help, but instead help themselves and...
Philip Booth
14 April 2010

One obvious place to look for big society initiatives in the Conservative manifesto was the section on sport. This does not bode well. We seem to have a simple playing to the gallery with “big...
Mark Littlewood
1 April 2010

Tory leader David Cameron scored well on rhetoric yesterday – but fell down badly on detail. His vision is of “a society where the leading force for progress is social...

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