Ryan Bourne
1 April 2014
1 comment

‘It’s time to cast aside the dogma and look at the facts’. Sound familiar? Anyone who watched last week’s Europe debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg would have seen the...
Gabriel Sahlgren
22 October 2013

In a jab at Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is said to soon be requiring that all free schools and academies hire teachers with officially approved teacher...
Philip Booth
21 October 2013
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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has spoken out about the use of non-“Qualified Teachers” in free schools. I am being somewhat careful with my punctuation and capitalisation to make it...
Len Shackleton
7 June 2013
1 comment

It is depressing to see education minister Liz Truss’s proposals to relax childcare ratios – which would have allowed nursery staff look after more children – vetoed by Nick Clegg...
Len Shackleton
10 May 2013

  It may sound incredible given the current political debate, but the UK government now spends more as a percentage of GDP on childcare than all European countries except Denmark. Yet the...
Philip Booth
26 September 2012

It is difficult to think of a policy that is as ill-conceived on so many levels as the coalition's announcement on Sunday to encourage parents to guarantee their children's mortgages....
Philip Booth
31 August 2012

Once again, we hear calls for a wealth tax not just from Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes, but also from Tim Montgomerie. These calls cannot go unchallenged. A wealth tax is a pernicious tax because...
Kristian Niemietz
8 December 2011

In very cautious terms, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has questioned the current set of universal benefits for the elderly. This is a major deviation from what has thus far been the coalition...
James Croft
26 September 2011
1 comment

In yet another setback to the implementation of the British Conservatives party's free school policy, the leader of their Liberal Democrat coalition partners, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg,...
Mark Littlewood
19 September 2011

The Liberal Democrat leadership is in danger of committing a cardinal sin at their party conference in Birmingham. They are addressing their messages to delegates in the conference hall, rather...
Philip Booth
23 June 2011

Mechanisms to ensure the political acceptability of privatisations should not be rejected automatically, simply because they are inefficient and raise less money for the taxpayer. Political...
Len Shackleton
11 May 2011

David Willetts has added to the confusion surrounding university fees with a proposal to allow higher education institutions to admit extra home (UK and EU) students if they pay ‘full’...
Philip Booth
5 April 2011
1 comment

Today, Nick Clegg decided to declare war on nepotism. He wants to 'stop a lot of the informal advantages which are helping certain people to hoard opportunities at the exclusion of others...
Philip Booth
7 February 2011
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The three main themes of Nick Clegg's speech on Friday were as follows: 1. We should have investment-led growth and not debt-led growth. 2. We should have growth balanced around the regions...
Philip Booth
11 January 2011

Nick Clegg today said that he understood bonus anger. I think that any sane person also understands bonus anger. It is therefore incumbent upon politicians to explain patiently, and with sensitivity...
Richard Wellings
21 September 2010

Those of us who hope the Liberal Democrats will reject socialism and embrace true liberalism have many reasons to be disappointed by this year’s party conference. Nick Clegg, for example,...
Terry Arthur
23 July 2010

Next May there is to be a referendum, at the behest of Nick Clegg, on whether or not the UK should change the first-past-the-post system to the Alternative Vote (AV) system. Under AV, voters must...
Anthony Bouselli
1 July 2010

" The Emergency Budget included a proposal to raise the state pension age for males from 65 to 66 by 2016. This increases the retirement age significantly earlier than the original...
Philip Booth
28 April 2010

. It is rather difficult to redistribute that burden because marginal rates are so high right across the board it is difficult to see that they can be increased for any group. Some of the Lib Dems...
John Meadowcroft
22 April 2010

Political commentators are currently expending much energy trying to explain (what we might call) the Nick Clegg phenomenon – including one contribution to this blog already. Policy analysis...

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