Alex Robson
9 May 2014

Gary Becker was one of the giants of economics. During his lifetime his contribution to the profession remained unsurpassed - and it will probably stay that way for a very long time.  Becker...
Mark Pennington
4 May 2011

Among the themes to emerge from ‘happiness economics’ one seized on by those disapproving of open markets and the decision-making autonomy they may bring is that having ‘choice...
Mark Pennington
14 January 2011

Last month I attended a speech by Richard Thaler, of ‘Nudge’ fame. Professor Thaler is an engaging speaker. His assertion that ‘libertarian paternalism’ is merely an...
Richard Wellings
6 May 2010

With the opinion polls pointing to a close result and the prospect of a hung parliament, turnout is expected to be relatively high in today’s election. Yet for economists this presents a bit...
Philip Booth
28 April 2010
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The IEA is delighted that Gary Becker will be giving the Hayek Lecture on June 17th this year. Gary Becker attended Hayek’s evening seminars at the University of Chicago, thus making a nice...