Ryan Bourne
23 March 2016

It's all about fairness, that slippery, subjective term which dominates so much of our political discourse. Following his resignation from the Cabinet on Friday, Iain Duncan Smith spent much of...
Kristian Niemietz
30 April 2013

The central plank of the coalition’s welfare reform programme is finally being rolled out. By merging several major benefits and tax credits into one payment – the new universal...
Kristian Niemietz
14 June 2012
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With many ifs and buts, Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are broadly moving in the right direction. Rather than just increasing government handouts year after year, it now looks as if...
Philip Booth
8 March 2011

Today's announcement by Iain Duncan Smith that there will be a simple state pension of £140 for all has been widely welcomed. Indeed, the proposals look a little like the...
Kristian Niemietz
24 February 2011

There is much to be said in favour of the coalition’s welfare reform bill. Perhaps its main achievement is that it greatly diminishes the uncertainty and risk associated both with entering...
Kristian Niemietz
17 November 2010
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In a radio debate with Mark Littlewood, Adrian Sinfield, Professor Emeritus of Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh, was critical of IEA proposals to replace the...
Mark Littlewood
14 November 2010
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Iain Duncan Smith deserves credit for fully understanding the nature and scale of the welfare problem. But that’s the easy bit. Finding a solution with the right balance of carrot and stick...
Kristian Niemietz
12 November 2010

Finally, with the release of the DWP White Paper, Iain Duncan Smith has let the cat out of the bag. In the future, jobseekers who reject a job offer, a short-term community work placement, or who...
Peter King
11 November 2010

Iain Duncan Smith has suggested that his proposals to introduce a Universal Credit to replace many of the current welfare benefits are the most important reforms to welfare provision for 70...
Peter King
8 November 2010

Despite the comments yesterday from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the coalition’s decision to introduce a limited form of workfare into the UK benefits system is a huge step forward....
Kristian Niemietz
11 October 2010

The DWP is getting serious about the plans to merge a host of existing benefits into a Universal Credit (UC) with a single taper rate. There are two main aims. One is to simplify the system to...
Kristian Niemietz
5 October 2010

Yesterday, the coalition announced that Child Benefit (CB) will be scrapped for families where one member belongs to the higher-rate tax bracket. A sensible reform idea, even when the details are...
Daniel Knowles
14 September 2010

Here at the IEA, it is something of a rule that if Hayek endorsed an idea then it probably wasn’t all bad. Bearing that in mind, I’d like to bring up a policy that isn’t often...
Kristian Niemietz
28 May 2010

“The purpose of my life here is to improve the quality of life of the worst off in society.” Such ambitious rhetoric is not unusual for new incumbents at the Department for Work and...