Keith Boyfield and Brian Sturgess
11 August 2011
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Most voters would never have heard of the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS). However, the BIS performs a crucial role as the central banks' banker. In establishing rules on...
Mark Littlewood
6 July 2011
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Next week, Conservative MP Sajid Javid will put forward a ‘ten minute rule bill’ to attempt to introduce a legal cap on the size of the net national debt. Although the proposal has no...
Nick Silver
26 April 2011

A couple of years ago, in an IEA paper, I suggested that the UK’s public debt was many times larger than the official figure. Following the financial crisis, I recalculated my estimate ...
Philip Booth
3 March 2011

This week, Pensions Minister Steve Webb MP described the views of the authors of Sharing the burden - How the older generation should suffer its share of the cuts as “loathsome”. It...
Ruth Porter
11 November 2010

Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. The film explains the full extent of the financial mess this country is in – an estimated £4.8 trillion of...
Nick Silver
8 September 2010

Earlier this year I published a report estimating British government debt at  £4.8 trillion . However, over the summer the Office for National Statistics (ONS) ...
Richard Wellings
7 July 2010
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Today, the Public Sector Pensions Commission - which was established in autumn 2009 by the IEA, the Institute of Directors and other groups - has released its report, Reforming Public...
Kevin Dowd
24 June 2010

By far the best contribution to the parliamentary debate on the Emergency Budget was by the MP for Wycombe, Steve Baker. Using impeccable analysis and respected (ONS and Bank for International...
Philip Booth
15 June 2010

Two things struck me about the OBR report published yesterday. I shall blog about the other later… The first was its treatment of public sector pensions. This is an area where the IEA has...
Nick Silver
14 June 2010

As we have a new government and we also have a better idea about the effects of the financial crisis on the public finances, I thought it would be worthwhile to update my 2008 paper,...
Richard Wellings
12 June 2010
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●  Mark Littlewood discusses cutting public spending on BBC Newsnight (video).   ●  Philip Booth critiques the coalition’s plans on pensions.   ●  James...