Richard Teather
28 June 2016

The opinion polls were wrong again; Brexit has won (and as a Lancastrian I was delighted to see the North stay solid for out).  But now the hard work begins of building alternative structures,...
Richard Teather
20 May 2016

Oxfam has organised a letter, signed by over 300 economists, calling for a crack-down on tax avoidance. But what of Oxfam’s own tax practices?  Some of them look remarkably like tax...
Richard Teather
13 May 2016
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In an Oxfam-coordinated letter, 355 economists claim that tax havens “serve no useful economic purpose” and do “not add to overall global wealth or well-being”. I once made...
Richard Teather
23 June 2010

Over the next year or so the question of which countries best survived the bust is likely to be a major source of argument. Supporters of high taxes are already pointing to predictions...