Ryan Bourne
7 April 2015

In the aftermath of the Cold War, we were told that capitalism had won. Communism had been defeated, and we were entering Francis Fukuyama’s “End of History” – with capitalist...
Philip Booth
3 May 2013
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In the wake of Mrs. Thatcher’s death, there has been much discussion about her economic record and her political achievements. However, one of the more annoying points that people try to...
Philip Booth
15 February 2012

The UK has been put on a credit-rating downgrade watch. This is not surprising, but one wonders whether Moody’s is focusing on the right issues. In particular, Moody’s cited the lack of...
Philip Booth
13 June 2011

In his recent New Statesman editorial, Archbishop Rowan Williams criticised the re-emergence of the seductive language of the deserving and underserving poor. The job of a Bishop is to...
Philip Booth
9 June 2011

Benedict Brogan asks what David Cameron should do about Archbishop Rowan Williams' full frontal attack on health, education and welfare reform. He suggests that he should consider the PR perils...
Steven D. Ealy
16 September 2010

Friedrich A. Hayek published The Constitution of Liberty in 1960. To mark the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary the IEA is issuing Eugene F. Miller’s Hayek’s The Constitution of...
Ben Storrs
10 August 2010

Digital governance has revolutionised the NHS. While progress has been slow and very expensive, underpinning the progress is the ease with which feedback can be gathered and processed into a target.
Gary S. Becker
28 June 2010

The 19th Annual IEA Hayek Memorial Lecture, given by Professor Gary Becker on 17 June 2010: