Richard Teather
25 July 2016
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Shortly before being sacked, George Osborne announced a plan to reduce the UK’s corporation tax rate to less than 15%, challenging Ireland at 12.5%. It is not yet known whether Philip Hammond...
Philip Booth
7 September 2015

A tax haven levies certain taxes at a zero or very low rate and combines this with limited information flows to other countries’ tax authorities and a lack of transparency in law making. By the...
Philip Booth
28 November 2014

Alvin Rabushka is often described as the father of the flat tax. His work inspired the adoption of flat-tax systems in many of the former communist countries of central and eastern Europe. This...
G. R. Steele
22 June 2011

The condemnation of benefit fraud and tax avoidance obscures a difference. Benefit cheats make fraudulent claims upon the earnings of others. Tax avoiders use legitimate means to retain their own...
Peter Morgan
13 July 2010

Salary sacrifice pensions have become a popular choice for pension saving. They are beneficial for both individuals and businesses that often make huge savings by reducing their...