Ryan Bourne
24 February 2015

In an age of big challenges, the general election campaign seems to be throwing up a host of small ideas. The Labour Party is currently quibbling internally over how to finance a policy of cutting...
Peter Ainsworth
26 January 2015

Liam Byrne, shadow universities minister, was quoted in the New Statesman recently in relation to tuition fees, saying: ‘We've just got to ask ourselves, how much more debt are we going to...
John Bell
2 August 2010

A graduate tax would set a worrying precedent. The implication from Vince Cable that anything correlated with increased income should be taxed leads to absurd conclusions. What next? A tall tax? Or...
Len Shackleton
16 July 2010

One of the things which the Blair government got right was establishing the principle of student fees in higher education. It is depressing to see our hyperactive coalition government, in the person...