David Henderson
6 March 2015
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In two previous posts, I criticised a number of recent commentators in the Financial Times (FT) for routinely quoting figures that were much too low for the GDP of poorer countries. I made the point...
David Henderson
7 January 2015

The Financial Times has long been a continuing source of misleading statements about the relative size of the economies of different countries, as given by their real GDP - i.e. their output of goods...
Richard Wellings
8 June 2009

For several decades the British economy has been hampered by the poor quality of its infrastructure. Whether in transport, education or health, investment has typically been low by international...
Terry Arthur
16 September 2008

Dr DeAnne Julius’s recent review of the UK Public Services Industry (PSI) tells us that the outsourcing of government services is an industry which has grown to £80 billion of annual...