Gabriel Sahlgren
8 January 2014
1 comment

The past decades have been a remarkable success story in terms of the trajectory of our well-being in old age. We live longer and our health has improved, which of course should be causes for...
Philip Booth
20 May 2013

A curious thing has been happening with regard to retirement patterns in developed countries: we have been living longer and retiring earlier. Between 1968 and 1999, employment amongst 60-64 year...
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
17 May 2013

Since World War II, retirement has gone from a fringe to a mass phenomenon in western countries. Many people long for the day when they don’t have to toil away and instead enjoy uninterrupted...
Len Shackleton
30 July 2010

I very much agree with Mark Littlewood’s blog yesterday on the proposed ending of default retirement. While as an employee I may welcome the opportunity to work longer, as someone involved in...

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