Philip Booth
19 April 2016

The City is split when it comes to Brexit. Certainly, the larger City institutions with significant EU business tend to side with Remain. However, smaller companies and those with a more global...
Diego Zuluaga
4 April 2016
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A blog post by the OECD linking the rise of finance to lower economic growth and higher inequality made the rounds recently. The post summarises the findings of a recent report by the rich-country...
Philip Booth
17 May 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a walk in Ashdown Forest. I followed the instructions perfectly and everything seemed consistent with the map. However, clearly something was wrong and, instead of...
Terry Arthur
4 August 2010

In 1997 Gordon Brown removed the so-called “self-regulatory” system for financial services under the Securities and Investment Board and created the Financial Services Authority (FSA)....