Philip Booth
26 May 2015

There is no shortage of commentators who blame Mrs Thatcher’s supposed deregulation of the City for the crash of 2008. From senior politicians to the leading left-leaning blogs, many have put...
Philip Booth
11 October 2013
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I am currently attending a conference on the future of financial regulation being held by the Irish central bank in Dublin. We are hearing from the regulators about the importance of global...
Philip Booth
29 June 2012

This week a major scandal came to light with regard to the setting of LIBOR, which is the interest rate at which banks lend to each other. It would appear that this rate, which is a useful index of...
Terry Arthur
4 August 2010

In 1997 Gordon Brown removed the so-called “self-regulatory” system for financial services under the Securities and Investment Board and created the Financial Services Authority (FSA)....