Ryan Bourne
3 June 2014
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Do you ever feel government isn’t fit for purpose? The evidence suggests you’re not alone. The EU elections saw anti-establishment parties tear chunks out of mainstream incumbents. In the...
Lars Christensen
2 June 2014

Allan Meltzer is one of the greatest economists of his generation. I have admired Meltzer since I started studying economics in the early 1990s, and his work on monetary theory has had a very...
Kristian Niemietz
11 November 2013

  For as long as I can remember, the herbal schnapps Jägermeister has had a reputation for being an old man’s drink. The brand name would inevitably evoke images of a rustic...
Kristian Niemietz
12 August 2013

The UK now has one of the fastest-growing populations in Europe, according to a new report by the Office for National Statistics. In just one year, the population grew by over 400,000 people (to a...
Benedikt Koehler
26 July 2013
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A political chain reaction was set off in the Arab world in 2010 when Mohammed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian stall-owner, was denied a licence to ply his trade and in desperation driven to suicide. That...
Philip Booth
8 February 2012

An organisation called Catholic Voices organises seminars – amongst other things – to help young Catholics in the media. A few months ago, I spoke at one of their seminars about...
Stephen Michael MacLean
6 February 2012

Who among us hasn’t wiled away a lazy hour with travel fantasies, courtesy of Google Maps? Not the French, apparently, who seem to have little appreciation for Google Maps’ indulgence...
Mark Pennington
3 August 2011

My first post on 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism addressed Ha Joon Chang’s dubious debating tactics when discussing ‘free market economics’. I turn now to...
Karthik Reddy
1 August 2011

An oft-overlooked effect of wage floors is that they permit and even encourage various forms of discrimination. Discrimination is an unfortunate yet persistent tendency that continues to exist in...
Mark Pennington
28 July 2011
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Professor Ha Joon Chang has become something of a hero to those who champion heterodox economic theory and who rail against the supposed intellectual hegemony of ‘neo-liberalism’. In a...
Kristian Niemietz
20 April 2011

In panel discussions or similar debate formats, it is usually a huge advantage to be thoroughly informed about the opponent’s weltanschauung, since this enables one to anticipate the other...
Terry Arthur
3 November 2010

Simon Heffer is one of the ever-dwindling number of journalists who really understand the difference between Corporatism (sometimes called State Capitalism) and genuine free markets. In The...
Sam Collins
31 August 2010

I have no constitutional objection to the Alternative Vote system (AV). Fears over constantly hung Parliaments or permanent coalitions are largely unfounded. In Australia, where AV was introduced in...
Keith Boyfield
7 August 2010
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Azerbaijan lies in a pivotal strategic position, straddling the Caspian Sea and rich in oil and gas reserves. This is the country which helped make Gulbenkian and the Nobel brothers rich. Today,...