Len Shackleton
29 April 2016

  On 27 April 2016, the JustShare group held a debate on the Trade Union Bill at St James's church in Piccadilly. The article below is based on Prof Shackleton’s contribution.  ...
Len Shackleton
15 September 2015

Under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, employment relations in the UK were completely overhauled. A series of legislative acts narrowed the scope of industrial disputes, made unions responsible...
Ryan Bourne
27 January 2015

George Osborne has recently taken to the cause of securing ‘full employment’. A crude analysis might suggest that this a clever political move to focus attention on a Conservative success...
Len Shackleton
30 October 2014

Despite a remarkable reduction in employment tribunal claims, the system continues to throw up major problems for employers, with potentially disastrous consequences for business. First, the...
Len Shackleton
14 January 2014
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The UK’s labour market has performed much better since 2008 than many expected. It is clear that, compared with the high degree of regulation in continental Europe, our relatively more flexible...
Tom Papworth
2 June 2011

Over at the Adam Smith Institute, Sam Bowman is discussing the minimum wage again. However, as is always the case in minimum wage arguments, supporters of a legal price floor are quick to...
Len Shackleton
18 February 2011

A key part of promoting supply-side improvements in the UK economy has to be the loosening-up of employment regulation. Although the UK still has a rather freer labour market than some of its...
Len Shackleton
26 March 2010

After a long and tedious winter, Spring is in the air and the daffodils are coming out. So, unfortunately, are union members. There’s strike activity in the Civil Service over pensions, on...
Kristian Niemietz
22 February 2010

The next time you’re struggling to find the right birthday present for a friend or family member, why don’t you just give the New Economics Foundation a call? Remarkably, these people...
Tom Papworth
24 August 2009

Egalitarians are enjoying the financial crisis, digging up old ideas that have long since had their day. Last week Compass launched its campaign for a High Pay Commission to curb “excessive...
Len Shackleton
21 August 2009

Compass, a left-wing pressure group, has added to the continuing squabble over pay by calling for a High Pay Commission. Its proposals have attracted support from a wide range of commentators and...
John Meadowcroft
17 September 2008

This morning the UK government announced that in the last quarter unemployment rose by more than 80,000 to a total of 1.7 million. We should never forget the countless personal tragedies that these...