Philip Booth
23 September 2015

It is well-known that Churchill supported the concept of a union of nations on continental Europe. Less well-known is the fact that F. A. Hayek – the inspiration for many...
Markus C. Kerber
16 March 2015

In recent years, euroscepticism has been growing in the UK and elsewhere. This is largely due to concerns about a perceived overreach of EU institutions, coupled with insufficient accountability to...
Philip Booth
16 July 2013

Within two years of entering the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, there was strong public support for Britain’s membership. In the 1975 referendum on the issue, 67 per cent voted to...
Philip Booth
26 March 2013
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Countries often impose extreme “temporary” policies in emergencies. In Britain, emergency rent controls, passed in 1917, were not substantially amended until 1988. In the Second...
G. R. Steele
25 March 2013

In March 2009 an EU directive increased the value of the protection afforded by a deposit guarantee scheme (DGS) to a uniform ceiling of €100,000. Events involving Cyprus have undermined the...
Roland Vaubel
13 December 2012

Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, recently said that “we can only achieve political union if we have a crisis”. His idea is to exploit the Eurozone’s sovereign...
Kristian Niemietz
26 November 2012

I suspect this hypothetical dialogue will look vaguely familiar to many readers: Europhile:        ‘The global economy of the future will be dominated by...
Michael Jeffers
6 August 2012
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In the United Kingdom, we are in a unique position to watch the chaos of the crumbling eurozone.  Media outlets are filled with daily stories of credit downgrades, hundred billion euro...
Philip Booth
3 June 2011
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One has to be very alarmed that the Chairman of the Defra Select Committee – Conservative MP Ann McIntosh – is arguing that fishing quotas should not be traded as an economic commodity...
Holger Zemanek
23 August 2010
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According to media reports, the European Commission is planning to introduce taxes on commodities as part of the new EU 2020 strategy, the successor of the failed Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs...