Kristian Niemietz
28 August 2014

“Labour’s summary of the ideas […] says they “clear the way for a massive shift of resources from the NHS to private companies”. […] [P]rivate companies (Labour...
Philip Booth
3 May 2013
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In the wake of Mrs. Thatcher’s death, there has been much discussion about her economic record and her political achievements. However, one of the more annoying points that people try to...
Ruth Porter
12 January 2011

The latest edition of the Index of Economic Freedom has just been published, and for the second year in a row the UK has slipped down the rankings. Now with a score of only 74.5, two points...
Holger Zemanek
23 August 2010
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According to media reports, the European Commission is planning to introduce taxes on commodities as part of the new EU 2020 strategy, the successor of the failed Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs...