Philip Booth
18 March 2015

Whenever we approach a General Election or Budget, the competition for the daftest tax policy idea is always intense. The current front-runner is probably the proposal to largely exempt houses from...
Ryan Bourne
17 March 2015

It's a well-known saying that “turkeys don’t vote for Christmas”. So calling for George Osborne to take to the despatch box tomorrow and announce that he’s abolishing...
Ryan Bourne
20 March 2014

  With the fiscal situation still tight, and a year to go before an election in which the Chancellor will accuse the opposition of fiscal profligacy, it was never likely that this was going to...
Kristian Niemietz
21 March 2013

At first sight, the 2013 Budget seems to mean good news for prospective homebuyers and working parents. Under the new Help-to-Buy programme, the government will act as a guarantor for mortgages...
Richard Wellings
20 March 2013

George Osborne continues to make the same error he made in previous budgets. He is assuming the British economy will return to robust growth from 2014 onwards and that this will deliver the higher...
Philip Booth
18 March 2013

  The chancellor should announce that this will be the last annual budget of its type. Unfortunately, the budget is now used to make announcements that have nothing to do with Treasury...
Mark Littlewood
27 August 2010

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ recent analysis of the budget – purporting to show that it isn’t “progressive” as the financial hit taken by the poorest decile of...
Len Shackleton
26 August 2010

I am inclined to agree with the view of The Times that the government should not get bogged down in the argument about the impact of the June budget on the poor. The IFS is probably correct in its...