Kristian Niemietz
30 April 2013

The central plank of the coalition’s welfare reform programme is finally being rolled out. By merging several major benefits and tax credits into one payment – the new universal...
Kristian Niemietz
21 March 2012
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  Given an expected unemployment rate of 8.7% for this year, it is a bit surprising that the Budget’s sub-subchapter on labour market reform occupies no more than half a page. If...
Kristian Niemietz
30 January 2012

Once again, Britain is about to become the Bangladesh of Europe. At least this is the impression one could gather from listening to the poverty lobby and the wider anti-cuts front, including...
Mark Littlewood
27 August 2010

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ recent analysis of the budget – purporting to show that it isn’t “progressive” as the financial hit taken by the poorest decile of...

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