Kristian Niemietz
22 May 2013

The protest placard he held up during Baroness Thatcher’s funeral procession made Dave Winslow a minor celebrity for a day. It showed a gravestone with the inscription ‘Rest of us in...
Kristian Niemietz
22 December 2012

When I began working on poverty issues, I had the naïve idea that a child poverty activist was somebody who raised money to help poor children. That was not entirely wrong; there are a few...
Mark Pennington
29 June 2011

The economic historian Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie is an intellectual heroine of modern classical liberalism. Her work on the operation of proto-industries such as woollens manufacture in sixteenth...
Philip Booth
6 May 2011
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My last blog post dealt with the issue of ‘living wages for migrants’ in response to points that the Bishop of Brentwood had made in a high-profile homily. In direct contradiction to...
Mark Pennington
7 March 2011

Ronald Coase is one of my favourite living economists (he is now 100 years old). His work on the significance of transactions costs and dealing with problems that these costs raise is fundamental...
Philip Booth
6 September 2010

Opponents of a market economy often decry the operation of what they perceive to be selfishness in the market as well as problems of market failure such as the existence of externalities. Whilst I...

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