Mark Littlewood
19 July 2016

This wasn’t a lazy half-hearted reshuffle, Theresa May was imposing her own stamp on government. Rather than going for continuity, she was ruthless in personnel changes. Initially, it started...
Philip Booth
8 December 2015

The Good Right’s Good Press Tim Montgomerie’s “The Good Right” certainly gets a good press. Like, for example, the fair trade movement, nobody can argue that they made a hash...
Ryan Bourne
27 August 2015
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We live in a world where big ideas are disdained. The term ‘ideologue’ is hurled as abuse, and mainstream politicians embrace ‘pragmatism’ and tell us they are not interested...
Steven Horwitz
6 July 2015

One thing that has always struck me about behavioural economics are the parallels to arguments about market failure (such as externalities). Much of behavioural economics shows us that economic...
Philip Booth
15 May 2014

If somebody were to start an engineering textbook by saying that the maximum theoretical speed of a perfect car was the speed of light and that a car that travelled at any speed lower than that was a...
Ryan Bourne and Kristian Niemietz
4 April 2014

- ‘There’s a study on this by University X, which clearly confirms A.’ - ‘That has long been debunked. Another study, from University Y, rebuts A and conclusively proves B....
Tom Papworth
26 January 2012

Over at the Adam Smith Institute blog, Jan Boucek has a typically pugnacious article slapping down the Prime Minister for relying on ‘market failure’ as an excuse to meddle in the...
Philip Booth
6 September 2010

Opponents of a market economy often decry the operation of what they perceive to be selfishness in the market as well as problems of market failure such as the existence of externalities. Whilst I...