Philip Booth
10 July 2011
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The coalition government is short of policies that the free-market movement around the world might point to in generations to come as being of some importance in rolling back the state. Radicalism...
Philip Booth
9 June 2011

Benedict Brogan asks what David Cameron should do about Archbishop Rowan Williams' full frontal attack on health, education and welfare reform. He suggests that he should consider the PR perils...
Richard Wellings
14 April 2011

Despite the cuts, the coalition Government will raise our national debt by almost £500bn over this Parliament. This is just the official debt. When other liabilities such as pensions are...
Philip Booth
17 February 2011

The government has realised belatedly that it wants to pursue an agenda for  ' growth '. The problem with this sort of language is that it encourages government...
Peter King
14 February 2011
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It has often been said that Britain has the best-housed poor in Europe. Social housing is provided to a high level with heavily subsidised rents and with further assistance to help non-working...
Philip Booth
27 January 2011
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The Government reportedly feels that its Big Society programme has stalled. It is not surprising. The coalition’s idea of the Big Society often seems to involve no more than getting a few...
Philip Booth
4 January 2011

It is very clear that the government cannot carry on borrowing at current rates and the coalition’s proposals for reducing government borrowing are prudent. However, today’s VAT rise is...
Tim Congdon
3 January 2011
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Since the financial crisis began in autumn 2007 with the Northern Rock fiasco, a consensus narrative has developed. The central theme is that the crisis is to be blamed not on monetary mismanagement...
Philip Booth
23 December 2010

Some economists wonder whether we should give Christmas presents. They argue that having other people deciding what we want is not really efficient. There are several counter arguments to this, of...
Mark Littlewood
15 December 2010

Michael Gove’s free schools programme has been heralded as the cutting edge of the coalition’s structural reform programme. Removing the dead hand of the state and allowing new schools...
Philip Booth
26 November 2010

David Willetts defended the government’s decision to spend my money finding out what makes me happy in The Times today (subscription required). He said it was not about creating a nanny ...
Mark Littlewood
17 September 2010

In these grim dark days of austerity and cuts, the coalition urgently needs to find a compelling political narrative of hope and optimism. David Cameron’s Big Society rhetoric occasionally...

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