Kristian Niemietz
6 April 2014

Political leaders often struggle to find their ‘big idea’, their multi-purpose answer to tackle a range of problems at once. Ed Miliband does not have that problem; he surely has found...
Philip Booth
17 January 2014

Today Ed Miliband made a speech on policy in UK banking. There is much wrong with that market and important reforms should involve ensuring that the providers of capital to banks always...
Kristian Niemietz
15 January 2014

Ed Miliband is getting serious about shedding his Red Ed image. In an article in the Daily Telegraph, the Labour leader tried to rebrand himself as a champion of the aspirational middle classes. This...
Colin Robinson
25 September 2013

It is nearly seventy years since Friedrich Hayek dedicated The Road to Serfdom to ‘the socialists of all parties’. Sadly, socialism remains alive and well, and nowhere more so than in the...
Kristian Niemietz
8 June 2013

In his speech in east London yesterday, Ed Miliband hoped to reframe the debate by outlining a distinctively Labour approach to welfare policy. Distinctive perhaps but, from a policy perspective it...
Philip Booth
5 October 2012
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  One of the leading lights in the current Labour Party policy review is Jon Cruddas. He is a Catholic and no intellectual slouch. Does this mean that Ed Miliband’s new big idea...
Daniel Mahoney
3 February 2011

Ed Miliband is taking the line that the coalition is cutting “too far and too fast”. The news that the economy shrank by 0.5% in Q4 of 2010 (zero growth if you factor in the...
Christopher Snowdon
27 September 2010

He didn’t mention the book by name. He didn’t need to. When Ed Miliband used his first speech as Labour leader to declare that “the gap between rich and poor doesn’t just...