Philip Booth and Alberto Mingardi
1 May 2015

The anti-trust authorities are continuing to try to police the high tech markets. But are they up to the job? The new investigation opened by the European Commission into Google’s market...
Mikko Arevuo
22 January 2015

Ever since James Watt was awarded a patent for the improvements he made to the Newcomen steam engine in January 1769, economists and libertarians have been divided over intellectual property rights (...
Mark Littlewood
23 September 2014
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If necessity is the mother of invention, politicians of all stripes will have to be spectacularly inventive in dealing with the fallout from the Scottish referendum result. And we may yet stumble...
Steve Davies
6 March 2011
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A book by Tyler Cowen is certain to be thought provoking and original. His latest work is no exception and has very serious implications for the future of politics and political debate if his...
James Stanfield
28 September 2010

After travelling the country visiting schools and talking to head teachers, school children, parents and education experts, John Humphrys has concluded that parental choice “is simply not...