Diego Zuluaga
17 February 2015

Tomorrow, Financial Markets Commissioner Lord Hill will be releasing his much-awaited Green Paper on creating a Capital Markets Union (CMU) in the EU. One of the landmark initiatives of the Juncker...
Philip Booth
7 May 2014

Our financial regulators are not known for their incisive economic analysis, but more for tying up in red tape sectors of the economy that were hitherto performing tolerably well – normally...
Philip Booth
1 May 2014

Two fallacies are common in the EU debate. One is the ‘nirvana fallacy’, the idea that, if we leave the EU, we will have optimal policy at home. In financial services, for instance, while...
Philip Booth
1 February 2013

  Banks are embroiled in another “mis-selling” scandal, but we can be sure that customer behaviour won’t be affected. Few people will switch bank as a result. Regulation...
Terry Arthur
30 January 2012
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In August 2010, the IEA published Does Britain Need a Financial Regulator? Written by Professor Philip Booth and myself, with a particular focus on stock exchanges around the world, our conclusion...
Tim Congdon
19 March 2011

UK officialdom appears to believe that if the City of London’s international financial services left the UK it would not matter much to the economy. This is undoubtedly part of the...
Richard Wellings
15 September 2009

●  Philip Booth argues we need less financial regulation if we want a less oligopolistic financial sector   ●  Patrick Basham examines the evidence on young smokers and tobacco...
Philip Booth
26 September 2008

Until last week, it seemed that one only needed a couple of PhDs in monetary economics and finance to make head or tail of what was going on in financial markets. It now seems that a PhD in...
Philip Booth
25 September 2008

It is always disappointing when Bishops follow the mob rather than trying to lead their flock. The Archbishop of York joined in the name calling yesterday. Today, in the Spectator, the...