Len Shackleton
24 June 2014

John Sentamu, the charismatic Archbishop of York, has again thrown his weight behind the recommendations of the Living Wage Commission he chairs. Not to be confused with the government’s Low...
Ryan Bourne
20 May 2014

The Labour Party used to be ‘intensely relaxed’ about people getting rich. Now it is ‘intensely relaxed’ about the ability of governments, rather than markets, to set prices...
Ryan Bourne
19 May 2014

Over the past week, there have been trade union protests about both low hourly pay and zero hours contracts. On Wednesday, the GMB Union protested outside the retailer Next’s AGM in order to...
Len Shackleton
3 April 2014
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While welcoming George Osborne’s emphasis this week on raising employment, I have some caveats about his target – to have the highest employment rate in the G7. This isn’t hugely...
Ryan Bourne
2 April 2014

As the economic debate has shifted away from macroeconomic outcomes to living standards, politicians across all parties have become increasingly interested in pay, particularly for those on low...
Stephanie Lis
16 April 2013

In economically uncertain times, the government should strive to remove all blockages to employment, not create more. The national minimum wage is one such blockage. Whilst forced pay hikes may...
Len Shackleton
16 November 2011
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The labour market statistics released today do not make the greatest reading. UK unemployment rose by 129,000 in the three months to September, with youth unemployment rising above a million. As...
Tom Papworth
2 June 2011

Over at the Adam Smith Institute, Sam Bowman is discussing the minimum wage again. However, as is always the case in minimum wage arguments, supporters of a legal price floor are quick to...
Karthik Reddy
6 October 2010

Nearly one million Britons will see their pay rise to £5.93 this week, from £5.80 per hour last week – representing a 2% rise in the adult minimum wage in accordance with...

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